Rainbow Connections

Photo: Rainbow over my local beach – Manly Beach, Sydney Australia.

Rainbows are our special connection to my husband, to each other, to hope and joy and to the mystery of life and universe.

It is uncanny how many we have seen in the past 6 years since my husbands last few days with us … right up until today as I write this post.

The first rainbow that we saw was over our house – when we knew that it was only days until my husband would pass away. Our family were all outside seeking some fresh air – we had left my husband inside in bed. We were exhausted and emotion full as we waited for the end. And then as we turned around to head back into the house, a brilliant double rainbow appeared over house.

The next amazing rainbows that we saw were on the day of the funeral. After the funeral as we made our way only a few blocks from the church to the wake – most people saw amazing rainbows over the ocean. Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.42.15 am

My brother and mother took care of my children so that I could greet everyone at the church and at the wake. As they sat eating an ice cream looking out over the beach, another brilliant double rainbow appeared.IMG_1871

More rainbows appeared at memorial events that we had held on the first anniversary and the second anniversary of my husband’s passing. Friends who could not be with us on the day and who lived three hours away saw rainbows in their own home towns and sent me photos. After the memorial events as friends were driving home they saw more rainbows and sent me photos.

The kids and I, our family and our friends have seen so many rainbows at poignant or special times. Every time a friend shares a photo of one with me I feel a touch sadness but I also feel the love and smile.

In the past week as I have started creating this blog I have seen several rainbows encouraging me and spurring me on to continue living and embracing life. I feel comfort, support, connection, gratitude and inspiration every time I see one.

Perhaps it is not rainbows that connects you to a loved one. Perhaps it is lights flickering, or kookaburras, or willy wagtails or striking sunsets. The more stories I read of loss, the more I find that others too have mysterious and comforting  examples of connections.

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