Fun & Laughs on Waterslides

It has almost been five years since my husband passed away and there are some close friends of his whom we do not see very often due to the busyness of life.

Rather than wait until winter and the five year anniversary as a prompt to catch up with everyone I decided to organise a fun summer event at our local waterslide park. The goal – to share some memories, some laughs and connect – all in a fun active setting that suits the age and stage of our kids.

The waterslide park has just 3 big slides and is perfect for my kids who are now 7 and 9 years of age. They love sitting on the foam mats and whizzing down the slides.

I booked out the whole facility for two hours one Saturday evening and everyone paid their own way. We had about 80 of us – adults and children catching up and enjoying the thrills and spills on the slides, and pizza for dinner!

After the event we all moved to harbour beach nearby for snacks, a splash in the water and to watch the sunset. The kids and I found so much comfort and love in sharing such a lovely evening with everyone.

The photo is of the kids and I playing catch at sunset in the water with lots of kids – children of some of my husband’s dearest friends. I could almost hear my husband’s laughter. He would have loved the event.

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