Clare Smart – Funeral Celebrant

Funerals and Memorial Services are beautiful opportunities to share stories and come together as a family and community to commiserate, connect and celebrate life and love.


It is a delight and privilege to work with each family to create a ceremony that reflects and celebrates their essence.

I will support you with my professional skills and personal experience to ensure that your ceremony incorporates your stories, style, beliefs and rituals.

My services include

  • Meetings and then collaboration via email and phone to plan, write and finalise your ceremony together.
  • Liasing with traditional funeral providers or non-traditional venues.
  • Officiating as the celebrant at your ceremony.
  • Memorials and ceremonies following the funeral.
  • Ideas and insights into exploring and embracing death, caring and being with dying, preparation and advocacy for the dying.

To contact me click here  More about my background and celebrant services below. 



Ceremonies incorporating the light and the dark. The love, laughter, grief and joy.

The Rainbows and the Rollercoasters

My experience of caring for and then farewelling both my late husband and father  enables me as a Funeral Celebrant to relate to others who face similar challenges.

I am emotionally grounded and have the capacity, skills, knowledge and industry connections to create a special service with every family that I work with.

I will always fondly remember the first funeral that I conducted. It was a graveside service for a much loved gentleman in his eighties. His five adult children, his sister and I wrote and planned the service together. We worked with a team of four professional, caring, compassionate and flexible funeral directors to make sure that everything was just right. I shared a eulogy at the beginning and then ten people came forward and shared some of their memories. The beautiful song “The Voyage by Christie Moore”  was played at the end of the service as the gentleman who loved to sail was reunited in the grave with his wife.

It was a sad service but also uplifting, full of love, laughter and gratitude.

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