Stepping Stones

My boyfriend's approach to getting to know my children.  My boyfriend and I have reached a point where we would like to spend more time together. Given his kids and mine are under ten years of age, spending more time together means spending time with each other’s kids as well. We are both mindful that... Continue Reading →

A New Relationship and a New Rollercoaster

Readers are wondering how my boyfriend feels about me sharing my story and the part that he plays in posts on my blog! His enthusiasm, encouragement, ideas and support have been instrumental in the past month as I created this blog. He was as excited as I was when I first got it up and running. Our relationship... Continue Reading →

Capturing stories to share with my children

I feel a weight of responsibility to make sure that my children feel their father's presence in their lives and feel that they have a good sense of him even though they will have minimal memories of their own. We have photos, we have mementoes and a chest of drawers of his favourite things and I... Continue Reading →

Rafting & Rainbows

Last weekend the kids away went I for river adventures with my boyfriend Darren and his two kids. It was the first time that our kids would spend an extended time together. It was an ambitious plan. I was tentative and excited to see how the weekend would unfold however it felt right when I accepted... Continue Reading →

Disco Time!

As we rapidly approach the autumn equinox, the sun is setting earlier and earlier which means that there are more opportunities to use our disco ball in the evenings and dance! We will miss running around in the garden with the hose but boogying to some boppy tunes is a great way to burn some energy... Continue Reading →

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