Clare Smart – Celebrant – Weddings and Naming Ceremonies

Weddings and Naming Ceremonies are wonderful occasions to celebrate love and family.

For each ceremony I work together with the couple and family to create a ceremony that reflects and celebrates their style and what is important to them.

flowers-260894_1920Three of the most memorable wedding ceremonies that I have officiated at include

  1. A ceremony for a couple on a golf course. At the end of the ceremony the newlyweds chose to depart in a golf cart to the “Benny Hill TV show theme song” – meeting the wedding guests later at the golf club for the reception. 
  2. A beach wedding where it was important to their family that their Catholic priest was part of the ceremony.  It was a delight to meet him and work with him during the ceremony. He read two readings from the bible.
  3. An outdoor ceremony in which it rained. At the last minute we changed plans because we could see showers approaching. Instead of entering via a garden path, the bride and bridesmaids arrived by walking down some grand steps escorted under umbrellas. The guests watched from under the cover of a verandah. Once the bride and bridesmaids had arrived the guests formed a cosy and cheery circle of love around the bridal party for the ceremony.

All of these ceremonies were fun, flexible and connected with the couple and their community. To contact me please click here .

More about Me:

I have always been passionate about ceremonies.  I became an Authorised Marriage Celebrant in 2006. Initially I chose to do this as a hobby whilst working in senior corporate roles and then caring for my children and terminally ill husband. 

I am thrilled that I am now at stage in my life where I can devote more of my time, energy and creativity to ceremonies. 


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