The end of a ride

Sometimes relationships don’t last. I parted ways with my boyfriend a few months ago. I will always be grateful for our time together. Grateful for everything I rediscovered and learnt about love, myself and the wonderful world. It was a ride full of fun, energy and adventures. For me and my children. I will date... Continue Reading →

Stepping Stones

My boyfriend's approach to getting to know my children.  My boyfriend and I have reached a point where we would like to spend more time together. Given his kids and mine are under ten years of age, spending more time together means spending time with each other’s kids as well. We are both mindful that... Continue Reading →

Introducing my late husband to my boyfriend

Also published by - Option Just after I created this blog my boyfriend at the time said to me "This is a little out there - but you haven't introduced me to your late husband yet. I am reading about him on your blog, you mention him every now and then and there are... Continue Reading →

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