Creating space

I watch from the window as our trampoline is dismantled. The net has a tear. Rust has appeared here and there. A pole has popped out of the net. It was installed on the first anniversary after Mick died. In the middle of winter. First jumped on that evening to squeals of delight. I supervised... Continue Reading →

Donation to Charity

I shared my story at the Story Room last Tuesday night. To recognise my contribution the Story Room have made a donation to the Mark Hughes Foundation on my behalf. Thank you @Storyroomaus and founder @Karenlsander. Sadly finding a cure to brain cancer is still a long way off. When Mick died the outlook for... Continue Reading →

Get to not got to

I wish I could say "Ask your Dad" or "I've had enough - can you take care of this?" or "That's your department". All the tough moments, the juggling, the responsibility is mine. I am a solo parent. I've got to say I've got this. I'm here. I'll sort this. I'll do it. I'll figure... Continue Reading →

Moment to moment

I went for a walk at the beach today and decided to have Mick's favourite ice cream - Ben and Jerry's triple caramel chunk (known in the UK as triple caramel chew chew). Mick died 8 years ago on this day. As I crossed the road to the beach - a rainbow greeted me.

Autumn Again

At dawn you peacefully and quietly took your last breath. Our daughter felt it. She woke wailing. I rushed to her room and took her outside. Trying not to disturb our son who was still sleeping or your father who was resting on a mattress on the floor - by your side until the very... Continue Reading →

Facing Father’s Day

With tears streaming she looked at me through the net of the trampoline. Trembling she said "I dont think I can do it. It will be too sad." I nodded. A few tears also trickled from my eyes. It was the day before Father's day. My ten year old daughter had been jumping to burn off... Continue Reading →

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