Donation to Charity

I shared my story at the Story Room last Tuesday night. To recognise my contribution the Story Room have made a donation to the Mark Hughes Foundation on my behalf. Thank you @Storyroomaus and founder @Karenlsander. Sadly finding a cure to brain cancer is still a long way off. When Mick died the outlook for... Continue Reading →

Get to not got to

I wish I could say "Ask your Dad" or "I've had enough - can you take care of this?" or "That's your department". All the tough moments, the juggling, the responsibility is mine. I am a solo parent. I've got to say I've got this. I'm here. I'll sort this. I'll do it. I'll figure... Continue Reading →

Moment to moment

I went for a walk at the beach today and decided to have Mick's favourite ice cream - Ben and Jerry's triple caramel chunk (known in the UK as triple caramel chew chew). Mick died 8 years ago on this day. As I crossed the road to the beach - a rainbow greeted me.

Autumn Again

At dawn you peacefully and quietly took your last breath. Our daughter felt it. She woke wailing. I rushed to her room and took her outside. Trying not to disturb our son who was still sleeping or your father who was resting on a mattress on the floor - by your side until the very... Continue Reading →

Facing Father’s Day

With tears streaming she looked at me through the net of the trampoline. Trembling she said "I dont think I can do it. It will be too sad." I nodded. A few tears also trickled from my eyes. It was the day before Father's day. My ten year old daughter had been jumping to burn off... Continue Reading →

All was not lost

Seven years ago, winter had just begun and my family and I started to see brilliant rainbows. It was the last few days of Mick's time with us here in this life. He was drifting into a deep state of unconsciousness. It was clear that the end was close. I was about to lose my... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Messages

As we returned home last night I looked at the sky and said to the kids, "It looks like rainbow weather." They agreed. A big storm had passed through a few hours earlier. There were still dark clouds about but they were beginning to clear.  The grey light was bright. Sunlight was returning. We scoured... Continue Reading →

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