Moment to moment

I went for a walk at the beach today and decided to have Mick’s favourite ice cream – Ben and Jerry’s triple caramel chunk (known in the UK as triple caramel chew chew).

Mick died 8 years ago on this day.

As I crossed the road to the beach – a rainbow greeted me.

4 thoughts on “Moment to moment

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  1. Been thinking about Smarty a lot this week. I still remember that triathalon he did in Europe and his wetsuit broke so he was the only one who did the swim without a wetsuit! He still was a top finisher. And dancing in Vietnam in Phu Quoc. I’ll eat caramel ice cream tomorrow in honour of him. Sending love and hugs. JG

  2. ah yes Clare, I remember the old Caramel Chew Chew well, Smarts’ Sunday night staple at Lavender Sweep. Thinking of you and the kids, massive hugs

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