Rafting & Rainbows

Last weekend the kids away went I for river adventures with my boyfriend Darren and his two kids. It was the first time that our kids would spend an extended time together. It was an ambitious plan. I was tentative and excited to see how the weekend would unfold however it felt right when I accepted the invitation. Darren and I both went into the weekend knowing that kids can be difficult. Therefore we were under no illusions that everything would be easy and straightforward.  We certainly had some challenging moments that we can laugh about now but overall the weekend was a great success and the kids and I had a wonderful time. We met all sorts of lovely people who were friends of Darren’s.  They welcomed us by providing rafts and nourishing food. We played on the river, swam in rapids and rafted along a river for a day.

It was heart warming watching my children step out of their comfort zone to splash in the cascades and trust Darren and new people to guide them in the water and on the river.

Friendship, meeting new people and outdoor adventures was always important to my late husband and I. When he died one of my fears was – would I be able to support my kids in showing  them new adventures and the beautiful outdoors?

Last weekend affirmed that yes it is possible. We had a fabulous time thanks to the generosity of Darren and many strangers who are now friends. It was a gift.

And as an added bonus we saw a beautiful rainbow as we were travelling to our rafting destination – and then another rainbow in our garden in the evening when we returned home. The rainbows felt like a blessing and a confirmation that we are indeed on the right path – embracing life, new beginnings and new relationships.

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