Doing death a little bit differently

The way that our community and culture plans and conducts funerals is beginning to change across Australia and globally.  There are exciting and interesting alternatives being offered. Instead of a traditional ceremony at a church or a crematorium, people are choosing to hold ceremonies and memorials in places such as parks, community halls, surf clubs, golf clubs and people’s homes. Different types of coffins, burial and treatment of ashes are available.

I’m contributing to that change by raising awareness of the alternative options and working as a funeral celebrant.

I spent the last three days participating in Zenith Virago’s Deathwalker Training through the Natural Death Care Centre. Zenith is a highly respected celebrant, consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker and author based in Byron Bay.

It was an enriching, uplifting, affirming and inspiring time.

The attendees were diverse. Social workers, palliative care nurses, pastoral care chaplains, a lecturer in Bioarchaeology, funeral celebrants, end of life doulas and some people who just want to learn how to support themselves and their loved better as and when they encounter death. They are now part of my network and we will support each other as we apply and share some of the learning and insights within our own communities.

I will be sharing some of the interesting ideas, links to some of the alternative offerings and anecdotes on this blog and my Facebook page in coming weeks.

If you have any questions or I can assist you or a loved one to do death a little differently then please contact me directly or through my blog.

Much love, Clare xx



“Inside everyone is the courage and capacity needed to be easier with death and dying, we just have to wake it up, remember, become more familiar, and practice it everyday.  My work is a holistic hybrid of old and new ways, accompanying those who are dying and their carers, walking with the suddenly bereaved, creating ceremonies that encourage people to really honour their loved ones.”

Zenith Virago, Deathwalker

It is rainbow season and I have seen many rainbows in the past week. Two of my favourites. 

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  1. Wonderful Clare, you will shine in this roll and make a real difference for those during a difficult time , best wishes

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