I have been immersed in yet another period of transition and reflection hence it has been almost two months since my last post.

Invigorated following a delightful summer, autumn has provided a fitting backdrop to consolidate and explore what next.

It has been a grounding and uplifting time. I have nourished my roots and extended my branches.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 8.56.37 pm.png

I have been meditating, reading, playing in the outdoors, reconnecting with old friends, establishing new friendships, relishing my family who are near and far, decluttering, redecorating and renewing my home, contemplating and sifting.

Throughout I have been journalling and writing.

Some stories and experiences I will share soon. I am excited by what lies ahead.

In the meantime, a few photos from my weekend and one of my favourite words at this time year.

Komerebi – A Japanese word meaning “the play of light through leaves”.

While my children spent the weekend with my doting in-laws, I attended a yoga retreat led by one of my favourite yoga teachers from my local yoga centre. He guided us through some beautiful meditation and yoga practices. I attended with a yogi friend who makes me giggle. It was lovely to meet some new people who are inspiring. They are also from my local community with shared interests.

I couldn’t help but feel as tranquil and serene as the statue pictured. I was in good company, surrounded by the bush, beautiful gardens lovingly cared for, a brilliant spacious blue sky, lyrebirds, kookaburras, bellbirds, finches and komorebi.

Gratitude and Magic

Clare xx

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  1. ‘Connection’ is a word that’s popping up everywhere in my life at the moment. So happy to hear about you making new connections and re-connections too! May there be much komerebi for you as we head into a beautiful Winter xx

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