Career to Carer

My priorities and identity shifted from

career in my twenties


carer in my thirties.

It was a significant and challenging adjustment.

Career to carer.

From two decades studying then achieving and progressing in the corporate world, to a decade of caring.

Caring for my young children and caring for Mick with terminal brain cancer.

Caring for myself as I became a new mother, a carer and then grieving young widow.

Caring for my parents as my father declined due to Alzheimers.

Although there was much going on, I asked myself am I doing enough? Who am I? Shouldn’t I also be achieving and contributing more to the world? Continuing on with my career?

Listening within while

  • meditating,
  • practicing yoga,
  • time with dear friends
  • meeting my counsellor
  • and sitting quietly with a cup of tea,

gave me clarity, courage and conviction.

I was doing more than enough.

Love for and being present for


and my family

was what it was all about.

What it is all about.

I could and would return to my career and contribute to the community again in time. In a way that resonated with me.

Now I am contributing to the community as a celebrant.

Life unfolds.


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