Listening within

When my husband died I felt numb and trepidation at the thought of being with grief and facing many dimensions of loss.

This is what I heard deep within – whenever I had a moment to listen.

It gave me conviction, comfort and courage to continue on.

It may help you too. With much love, Clare xxxx

Navigating Through

As you enter a labyrinth of loss and grief,

Hold steady.

Face the storm.

Batten down the hatches.

Listen, watch and wait.


Trust your intuition.

Rest in moments of calm.

Communicate. Respond.


Regroup, Anticipate.


Hold close in your arms the ones you love.

Consult ancient wisdom and those who have travelled the path before you.

Pray to god,

Seek answers,

Question, why me and why now?

Remember who you are

And what is important.

Ride the waves of emotion.



There will come a time when you can climb ashore to safety.

When you do,

Wiggle your toes in the sand and feel grounded,

Calmed by the spaciousness of the sky.

Soothed by the flow of the waves

And the light illuminating it all.

Feel connected to everything.



Rest and take your time.

Be compassionate to yourself.

Nurture and Nourish yourself.

Observe nature, the cycles of life, the seasons,

The waxing and waning of the moon.

Appreciate the vivid colours and the elements.

Dont underestimate what you have been through.

You can’t go back. Be patient.

Honour the trauma.

Sit with the pain, and

let it go.




Forgive yourself.

You did your best.

But know your journey is not over.

The next chapter awaits

And will be full of light, love and laughter,

For you and for your children.


Reflect on the lessons learned

Your capacity to live,

Your courage to love

And lose again.


Feel the fear.

Trust your judgement.

You will know when you are ready to step back into your boat.

Your body will be energised

And your heart will be excited

To see what evolves

As you head towards the horizon.


Draw on the lessons you have learned

The skills you have acquired and

Have faith.

You will weather each storm

and take comfort from love.

Your friends and family will help you.

And remember, to keep listening

To your heart

To your body

To your children

And to your soul.


Love your children

and the people you meet.

Love the world.

Talk and Share your story

with others that you meet on your way.

They need to hear of your experiences

so that they too can navigate through.

And you in turn will learn of

New ways you can live.

Enjoy the all the world has to offer.


And when the time comes

Let your children be

Let them explore

Feel their own way

and find their own path.

Catch them when they fall.

Support them when they stumble.

You will be there for them every step of the way.

Know that love is with you.

In all ways.

I love you.


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