Peace, Joy and Love

Every December one of my yoga teachers reiterates my favourite Christmas greeting which is Peace, Joy and Love by guiding us through a version of a loving kindness meditation. The meditation involves practicing compassion and love to one’s self and then mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and love to others by silently repeating a series of mantras.

Following the meditation I feel calmer, more hopeful, more connected, kinder to myself and others which is essential in the busy, emotional lead up to Christmas.

First, we repeat these words to ourselves.

May I be well.

May I be happy.

May I be free of suffering.  

We then call to mind a cherished love one and say these words.

May he/she be well.

May he/she be happy.

May he/she be free of suffering.  

We then call to mind a stranger and repeat the mantra.

Then we think of someone with whom we have differences. Perhaps they aggravate or irritate us. Again we repeat the mantra.

Finally we call to mind ourselves, all the people that we have focused on and also our extended community. We repeat the mantra internally again.

If you would like to try a version of this meditation there are many audio versions available on the world wide web including this link.

Peace, Joy and Love to all.

Clare x

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