Snow Domes

Snow Domes (or water domes as we call them in Sydney, Australia) remind me that swirling thoughts and emotions do come to rest.

I live in Sydney where it does not snow and snow domes are hard to find. In our souvenir shops there are “Water Domes” for sale usually with images of beaches inside.

You can see from the photo of my new water dome – that it has a dolphin with an aboriginal craft design. Dolphins are best known for their playful nature. Play is so essential for balance and healing.  I love that my water dome is blue because blue is a peaceful and calming colour.

It makes me laugh that it is quite tacky.

But more importantly it reminds me that even when I feel all shaken and stirred up – with so many emotions and thoughts swirling around,

All I have to do is

breathe and meditate


play outdoors in the water.

And when I do gradually each of the thoughts and emotions will come to rest. My mind will be calmer and more grounded as a result. I will have some clarity and renewed focus on what is important for right here and right now.

Below is little video where you can also watch the glittering “thoughts” swirling, slowing down and then coming to rest.💙

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