A Rant about Remedies

There is a time and place for remedies – But remedies can not cure cancer!

I use remedies, nutrition and alternative medicine for my own healing and health. They help nourish, soothe and calm my body, mind and spirit. For a cancer patient, they also provide provide comfort and hope that you are doing all you can to make your body as strong and full of vitality as possible to face the rigours of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  But these treatments and options can not cure cancer!

We considered alternative therapies but we knew the facts. My late husband Mick was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer (glioblastoma multiform GBM) for which is there is no cure. Many famous people have died from this brain cancer in the past few years. To list a few

  • Chris O’Brien at age 57 (an Australian head and neck surgeon.  A Professor of Surgery. Director of the Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute)
  • Matt Price at age 46 (prominent Australian newspaper columnist)
  • Andrew Ollie at age 47 (prominent Australian radio and television presenter)
  • Stan Zemanek at age 60 (prominent Australian radio broadcaster)
  • Beau Biden at age 46 (the son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden)
  • Ted Kennedy at age 77 (the fourth longest serving senator in United States history)

(As an aside Mick was only 39 when he died)

All of these people had greater networks and connections than my husband and I did. If there was an amazing healer in the amazon rainforest or an alternative therapy that could combat the horrible fatal disease of GBM than these people would have found it. But sadly they didn’t.

Throughout the course of Mick’s illness, dear friends and acquaintances offered the details of healers and alternative medicines that he might like to try.We understood that it was a demonstration of their love and their way of trying to help us. It took effort on our part to listen and say thank you and explain that he would stick with the traditional treatment plan.

There are many new trials for brain cancer treatment and more and more funding for research into brain cancer cures is raised each year. It is my belief that these are the best options and hope to cure brain cancer.

To donate to brain cancer research in Australia click here Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

You might like to learn more about brain cancer through this article:

The Brain Tumour That Killed Beau Biden

And this article is thought provoking too – consider it when you consider remedies

Steve Jobs Regretted Wasting Time on Alternative Medicine

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