Laughter and the love of friends

A thank you letter to all my friends,

old and new,

near and far,

who laugh with me and love me as I am.

Dear friends

Here I am.

On the other side of great change.

Each one of you

has been a pillar of support.


Offering unconditional, inspiring, heartening love.

You’ve watched me

or stood by me

or learnt

of my recent struggles,

as I transitioned from

career to carer,

wife to widow, and

co-parent to single mother.

I have been abrupt, reclusive, subdued.

Sad, jaded, unsure.

You understood.

That I was coping as best I could.

Grappling with grief. Adrift.

You’ve never judged.


accepting and listening.

Being kind.


Checking in.

Showing up.

Encouraging and celebrating

each small step

toward light.


and calmer times.


Laughing wryly together.

Then giggling.

Infectious grins.

Bursts of raucous chuckling.


We smile.

There it is!

My sparkle.

No longer shrouded by shadows.

Thank you.

You are all treasures.



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