Joy and play every day

Last Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend Darren suggested that my children and I meet him and his children at a nearby harbour beach for an impromptu play and picnic.

It was a glorious afternoon.

The kids and I had already had a full weekend with lots of fun activities. We had homework and chores to do. I considered staying in but I knew Darren’s invitation consisted of several key elements that never fail to boost my spirits. They were

  • being outdoors,
  • playing by and in the water,
  • opportunities for my kids to be spurred into creative, adventurous games and old fashioned silliness with Darren and his kids.

I had to say yes.

Even if my kids were too tired and it didn’t work out it was worth trying. I would at least get to dip my toes in the water, gaze at the diamonds of light dancing on the water and have a hug with Darren.

I was so glad we went.

We had a lovely time. I was thrilled when my children embraced the water, jumped off a jetty and climbed on the rocks. Towards the end of our picnic, (see blog photo) as I sat watching my son splashing and the rest of our crew digging a deep hole in the sand I savoured the moment.

Joy and play, tick tick tick!

My number one priority is to find joy and play every day for myself and to share fun activities with my children. The more the better!

It is essential to balance my grief and stay connected to life.

I am a deep thinker. I write about my grief. I feel and honour painful memories when they float into my mind.

I am conscious that I need to be careful that I don’t dwell in grief and spiral inward into darkness.

It is important to honour my grief and my losses but it is also important to participate in life doing activities that I love with people that I love.

As Louis Armstrong most beautifully sang, What a wonderful world 

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