When love and courage show up

My children love hosting Christmas. It is wondrous to me that they do. Two special men will be missed. This will be the tenth Christmas that we have hosted without my late husband, Mick. The fourth Christmas since Dad passed. Their absence will be deeply felt amongst the frivolity. We continue to celebrate with Mick's... Continue Reading →

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Feeling it all

Most days I miss you in moments. When our son laughs or our daughter wants an extra hug. When a memory arises that I can no longer share with you or when our children reach a milestone or make me proud. When a headline or seeing one of our friends reminds me that you arent... Continue Reading →

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A friend checked in with me a week ago anticipating the anniversary tomorrow. The day Mick died. It will be ten years. She said “I’m sure the pain never stops”. She’s right. She also asked after me and the kids. It felt good to be able to say we are good. Actually not good -... Continue Reading →

Three in a Row

Three days in a row of rainbow sightings as we take stock and give thanks for what is. Jumping for joy and feeling it all.  We have seen so many rainbows over the trampoline and on the beach in the past 8 and half years. Magical and Mysterious. 🌈❤️🙏

Moment to moment

I went for a walk at the beach today and decided to have Mick's favourite ice cream - Ben and Jerry's triple caramel chunk (known in the UK as triple caramel chew chew). Mick died 8 years ago on this day. As I crossed the road to the beach - a rainbow greeted me.

Autumn Again

At dawn you peacefully and quietly took your last breath. Our daughter felt it. She woke wailing. I rushed to her room and took her outside. Trying not to disturb our son who was still sleeping or your father who was resting on a mattress on the floor - by your side until the very... Continue Reading →

Go gently

Here we go again. December. End of school year celebrations. Milestones. Preparing for Christmas. Family catch ups. Special friend catch ups. We see and hear from those we love. How are we are doing? We are doing great. And the shadow of grief? The ache and feeling of loss that is constantly within us. It is humming... Continue Reading →

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