What do you do? (or Who are you?)

When you have young children, you meet people all the time through playgroups/daycare and then another new community when children start school. It is a time in your life when you usually share a lot of information about yourself to build friendships and support networks. You disclose what you do for work, how you live and from that you find commonalities. My husband and I had a significant difference to other parents that we met. We were riding the terminal brain cancer roller coaster.

Introducing my late husband to my boyfriend

Also published by - Option B.org. Just after I created this blog my boyfriend at the time said to me "This is a little out there - but you haven't introduced me to your late husband yet. I am reading about him on your blog, you mention him every now and then and there are... Continue Reading →

Listening within

When my husband died, I felt numb and trepidation at the thought of being with grief and facing many dimensions of loss. This is what I heard deep within - whenever I had a moment to listen.

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