Coping at Christmas time

If I'm not careful, I become a grinch at Christmas time. My emotions can get the better of me. I support myself and the kids using several strategies and traditions so that despite our loss we feel connected, loved, grateful and cheerful throughout the lead up to Christmas and on the day itself. 

Bittersweet Birthdays

What to do on a day assigned to joy and celebration when you feel darkness creeping in and wrapping it’s tentacles around your heart? This was my dilemma yesterday. It was my son’s tenth birthday. I wanted to feel nothing but happiness but a lot has happened in the first decade of his life. It has been... Continue Reading →

Way Better than Okay

I experienced time travel yesterday. It was intense and life affirming. It happened while I was attending a reunion morning tea at the pre-school my son last attended in 2012.  The same year that my late husband died from brain cancer.  My son was four and half years old and his sister was three. Now... Continue Reading →

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