A New Relationship and a New Rollercoaster

Readers are wondering how my boyfriend feels about me sharing my story and the part that he plays in posts on my blog!

His enthusiasm, encouragement, ideas and support have been instrumental in the past month as I created this blog. He was as excited as I was when I first got it up and running. Our relationship has deepened as a result of

  • discussing and editing some of my posts in the menu category – Life Now, and
  • because he has been learning and reading more about me and some of the tough times in my posts about the  Brain Cancer Rollercoaster  and my Labyrinth of Grief.

From the beginning of our relationship he always knew that I was writing and planning to publish my thoughts. When he first glimpsed my desk and study he was surprised that it was also a part junk room and he gently suggested that I declutter and tidy it up. He offered to help. Yet I was reluctant to listen to his suggestions. I would not let him past the study door and lacked the energy and inclination to do anything further. I wanted our time together and friendship to be focused on fun and play. I didn’t want to show him the clutter that had built up as a result of the busyness of parenting, the chaos of caring and the inertia of grief.

Although I kept declining his kind offers to help me in small ways in different aspects of my life, he kept offering until finally I started to let my guard down, listen and say yes. Our first task was tidying the study. For him bringing over a ladder, helping me and the kids lift some boxes into my roof space and tidy a room was easy.  It delighted him to see my office become a more inviting space and know that he had contributed. That first clean up was a step out of the “fun park” and a step into a more meaningful relationship – in fact a step onto our own new relationship rollercoaster.

Together we installed the new whiteboard in my office, sorted out my technology, started to spend a little time together with our kids at the pool and beach, met a few of each others friends and family and then dared to planned a rafting trip together with each others kids. (See Rafting & Rainbows)

One day he bravely suggested that perhaps I could turn my writing into blog.  It did not really fit into my vision but the next day after I thought about it further I realised that it was time and a blog would be a great start. As I started to create the blog my boyfriend and I discussed each aspect and he had some great ideas.

My boyfriend and are I excited to be on a new rollercoaster ride together – a relationship and also my blog! We know it will have twists and turns. We know that my children and I will often be pulled back into my Labyrinth of Grief and he is ok with that. He hopes to support me if he can.

Maybe we will decide in time that we don’t want to ride on our rollercoaster together anymore. That is ok. But maybe it will be an amazing fun rollercoaster ride together that will enrich our lives with lots of colours. Worth hopping on board don’t you think?


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.00.41 pm
Having  a ball with  dress ups at a Ball



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